Rearview - handy mirror camera

Perfect camera for gamers, presentation makers & remote workers

How can gamers and presentation makers use Rearview?

Rearview camera is always on top even when other apps are on full-screen mode. This feature makes Rearview a perfect camera when recording a Keynote presentations or game tutorials with your face visible.

How can I use rearview when working remotely?

Rearview is easily accessible from menubar which make it perfect tool for checking if everything is OK before joining video-call on Slack, Zoom or Hangouts. You can check how you look, light angle and what is behind you.

Is camera view always visible?

Yes! Rearview shows mirrored image from camera. It is always on top, even when other apps are on full-screen mode (and even during Apple Keynote presentation). What is more, camera view can follow active space (cmd + ⬅️/➑️).

What is "emoji alarm"?😎😱

Nobody likes when someone behind is staring at your screen. Doesn't matter if it is your boss or nosy person in the cafe. Rearview solves this problem by using face detection technology.

When emoji alarm mode is started, app captures image from camera and analyses how many faces are detected. If everything is fine, there is 😎 emoji visible. When unexpected face is detected Rearview shows 😱 emoji. You can set number of faces to play alarm or hide 😎 emoji if you find it disturbing.

Do you support dark mode?

Yea, app is adjusted for light and dark mode since MacOS Mojave🌞🌚. It works automatically when you change your appearance in system preferences.

Why it isn't free?

Maintaining and developing the app costs time.πŸ’Έβ± For the price of cheap lunch you get a nice application - it's a really good deal.

What about privacy policy?

Rearview does not record anything, makes no network requests and doesn't store any of your personal data, period.

Camera view in Rearview application shows only the image captured by your device's camera at the moment.

When emoji alarm mode is started, app captures image from camera and analyses how many faces are detected to play emoji alarm.


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